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Electronic Safes: Digital Safes and Electronic Gun Safes

Looking for a safe to store guns and other valuables? If the answer to the question is yes, then an electronic safe is definitely an option to consider. The convenience and advantages of these electronic storage units have made them a logical choice for many home and business owners.

Unlike a traditional safe that might be opened with a combination lock or a key, an electronic safe uses a lock that is opened via punching in an access code on a keypad. Sometimes this keypad lock also requires a biometric identifier like a fingerprint, but it is possible to get a digital safe without the additional biometric security component. Many people tend to prefer electronic safes because they can program a digital lock with a code that the safe owner can easily remember such as a birthday, anniversary, part of a social security number, and so forth. Traditional combination locks are far more limited in the sequence of numbers that can be established for opening them, and it can be difficult at times to remember the number of twists that are required to open the combination lock, not to mention whether they should be clockwise or counterclockwise. Besides having an advantage over traditional combination locks, electronic locks are also a good option to choose in lieu of a key lock because there is no key to be lost when the lock only requires an entry of numbers on a keypad.

Whether the digital storage unit is a typical electronically operated safe or an electronic gun safe, several things should be kept in mind when choosing the right safe model. First, it is important to know how likely it is that others might have access to the safe. If a large number of people are going to be able to get to the unit, it is probably wise to get a safe that has an electronic lock with a biometric identifier. That way, even if an unauthorized person was somehow able to guess the secret code needed to open the electronic lock, they would be unable to open the safe because they lack the proper fingerprint or other identifying physical mark.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right electronic safe is its fire rating. Without the right code and biometric identifier, the wrong person may be unable to get into the digitally locked storage unit; however, that does not mean that the valuables stored inside of it are safe from every possible danger. Should the safe be caught in a fire, it is likely that the possessions inside of it will be damaged if it is not protected enough from the flames and their heat. Even the thickest safes can get quite hot, destroying certain valuables. They can even melt, rendering them unopenable. Fire ratings are displayed in degrees and numbers of hour, indicating the amount of time that a safe can sustain temperatures of a certain degree without causing problems for its operation or the valuables stored inside of it.

Finally, it is usually wise to purchase an electronic gun safe that is easily re-programmable. Many of those who own several firearms will want to change the code on the electronic keypad quite often, thereby minimizing the risk that a child or someone else will guess the code and gain access, potentially leading to a tragic accident. Changing the code often makes it much harder for potential intruders to guess the number sequence that will provide access to the safe’s contents.

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