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A safe is a big investment for both those seeking to protect their valuables as well as for gunowners seeking to protect their guns from unauthorized persons and children. I created gun hoo as a resource to help other gun owners, and those seeking to protect their valubles, understand their options, and to help peopole like me find the right safe solution. Our Safe Resources and Buyers Guides section includes all the different kinds of safes, non biaed information them, and places to get em’. There is also a section on Popular Manufacturers: learn about Browning, Chubb, Fort Knox, Stack-On, Honeywell, Liberty, Sentry, Winchester, Cannon, and Molser Safes. Lastly, being a gun owner myself, I included a special section on gun safes which includes some informative article which is intended to serve as a helpful guide to you in making the best possible investment in terms of quality and price. Hope you find the information here helpful! – Chuck

Basic Safe Consumers

  • Be realistic about the size and weight of the safe you will need: before buying a safe, it is important to consider the size of the room where it will be placed; make sure the safe will fit through the door frame, this is a simple thing but you will be suprised how many people overlook it! Also, if you’re getting a larger safe, be mindful of the size and the weight of the safe. I’ve heard of people getting hurt trying to get huge safes to the second floor of their home. Some safe owners choose to place larger safes, including gun cabinets, in their garage to make installation easier. If this is the case, it is important to consider securing the gun safe in place, if your garage does not have a strong lock in place. Some gun safe owners choose to bolt their gun safe in place, this is an added security measure taken against theft, but may cause problems in the future if the gun safe needs to be removed for whatever reason.
  • For extra security, add a alarm system to your safe: safes with alarms provide an extra layer of security and may deter tampering or theft. Many different manufacturers offer gun safes installed with alarms. Before selecting a gun safe, make sure it is secure enough to meet your needs and expectations. For example, gun safes with thicker metal walls or are those reinforced with heavier materials may be more secure than other lighter models.
  • The locking mechanism is one of the most important factors to consider: Most safes are made with electronic locks and mechanical dial locks. The electronic locks may be easier to operate, and are typically very secure. However, it is important to make sure that the batteries in the electric safe are properly maintained and changed as needed. If the batteries in an electric safe are drained, the safe may unlock or lock out the owner. The traditional mechanical dial lock mechanism is also available and may be a good option for gun safe owners who are not comfortable using electric lock mechanisms.
  • It is important to buy a gun safe from manufacturers that offer reasonable warranties for their products: It is important that all safe owners review their gun safe warranty and, if needed, follow any maintenance guidelines, so that the warranty is not voided. Keeping any paperwork relating to the safe, including the owners manual is also very important.

Gun Safe Consumers

  • Think about why you need the safe and think over the options: If you’re just storing pistols, then a safe designed just for handguns is really all you’ll need – they are much smaller and less expensive by far. If you do need to secure your rifles, shotguns, and ammo, go for a gun cabinets. If you have rifles with scopes mounted, remember that you will need the extra clearance necessary your scopes. It is a best practice to have a gun cabinet in which to store your rifles, scopes, and ammo, a handgun safe for easy access, and a travel safe for your car or truck.
  • Make sure the gun safe you are about to buy burglary rated: While a non burglary rated gun safe is good for keeping children out, it will NOT protect your guns from burglars.
  • Make sure that the gun safe you are about to buy has a good fire rating: The fire rating of a safe is the number of hours that a safe will survive at 1700 Degrees Fahrenheit before the internal temperature rises above 350 degrees. Just in case of a house fire and for peace of mind, look for a fire rating of at least 30 minutes to a hour.

Gun Safe Types

The type of gun safes to be bought depends on the firearms in possession and the quality of safe needed. Several types of safes are fireproof safes, pistol safes, rifle safes and biometric safes.

Fire safes can withstand the test of fire for extended periods of time before the integrity of the safe is compromised. Remember that not all safes are fire resistent, including many wall and floor safes.

Pistol safes or handgun safes should be considered for owners of smaller handguns. Pistol and handgun safes are typically more compact than gun safe suitable for rifles or larger guns. The pistol safe should be made of high strength material such as steel. The kind of lock used on a pistol safe determines how fast and easy one can retrieve the handgun when necessary.

Some gun safe owners prefer biometric safes. A biometric safe is built with a keypad that recognizes the fingerprint of the owner. Biometric safes should always be properly maintained, so that it can always provide accurate thumbprint recognition. Biometrics safes do not require a combination or code to gain access.

Aside from storing guns, a security safe may be used for a variety of purposed, including storing important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, legal documents and such. Those interested in purchasing a safe to store sensitive materials in should consider a modular safe because they are compact.

Safes can be installed in a number of different forms. The modular safe, wall safe, floor safe, and hidden safe are only a few of the options available to consumers. Each serves a specific function and helps to secure belongings. A gun cabinet may also be a good option for those with more than one or two guns because they typically have the capacity to hold a high quantity. No matter which home safe you choose, it is important that it is secure and meets your needs.

Gun Safe Brands

Today, there are several gun safe brands, including the Sentry safe, Liberty safe, Cannon safe and Fort Knox safe, that are committed to producing quality consumer and commercial grade products. All Liberty safes are properly tested for any potential fault before they are put on the market. Liberty safe has many different models for various consumer and commercial needs; some of these models are the Colonial, Presidential, Franklin and Lincoln. Each of these has security upgrades available for additional protection and peace of mind.

Cannon safes are high quality safes with excellent customer feedback and reviews. Their safes feature fire resistant materials. For instance, they can withstand temperatures above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes or more. Cannon safes typically come with dehumidifiers to resist corrosion and damage. Cannon safe come in a variety of colors.

Sentry Safes have been in the market for over 60 years. The kinds of safes they produce include electronic safes, combination safes and biometric safes. Sentry safes have high quality with reasonable prices to cater to the needs of the consumer market.

Fort Knox Safes have the advantage of being approved by the consumer protection organization known as Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Fort Knox safes are also fire proof and come with a lifetime warranty that covers lock and print. Their rack and pinion gear drive locking mechanism is strong and difficult to damage or break.

It is one thing to just buy a gun safe; it is another to invest in a high quality safe for the protection and preservation of both firearms and sensitive documents. When choosing a safe, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the safe and the life expectancy of the safe. There are too many companies that disregard the importance of producing quality products that last and meet the expectations and needs of their customers. Consumers need to research and consider all options before investing in a high quality gun safe.

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