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Fort Knox produces all types of affordable gun safes which are very easy to install. Fort Knox safes are famous for their extraordinary features: heavy gauge steel, reinforced fire door, concealed ball bearing hinges, reinforced steel liner, superior interiors and exteriors, uni-body design, clutch driven spinner handle, rack and pinion gear drive locking, and certified fire protection. Most of the models have a lifetime warranty and customers can even get customized designs.
About the Company
Fort Knox Security Products is located in Orem, Utah. It has been in the gun safe manufacturing business for the better of 15 years. Fort Knox is known as one of the top producers of the best safes in the United States. All Fort Know gun safes are produced with All-American materials from the paint to the raw steel. Some of the famous people who use Fort Knox safes include: Bo Derek, Johnny Unser, Bobby Labonte, and General N. Schwarzkopf.
Gun Safes of Fort Knox
Fort Knox is well-known for its line of top quality gun safes. Whether you are looking for a handgun safe or a multi-gun safe, Fort Knox safes will have something for you. Some of the series in the Fort Knox line of products include the Fort Knox Legend, Titan, Executive, Guardian, Defender, and Maverick.
Fort Knox Legend Series
These Fort Knox safes come with a steel body and the interiors are made of steel. The reinforced fire door and rack and pinion multi gear locking mechanism provide maximum safety to the guns. There are around 55 precision racks. The pinion gears are fitted with locking bolts and the security system has been highly appraised by the buyers. The Legend Series offers the best protection for your guns and the safes can be installed at homes or offices without much effort. A Legend safe provides security against fire for 90 minutes at 1680°F and it is equipped with a dehumidifier for minimizing damage to items kept inside the safe. The clutch drive spinner handle is plated with gold or chrome or black chrome, providing an affluent look.
Fort Knox Titan Series
The Fort Knox Titan Series provides price competitive gun safes with fire protection for 90 minutes at 1680°F. These Fort Knox safes come with a lifetime warranty and gold-plated manipulation resistance lock. The handle is described as 5 Spoke Clutch Drive with chrome or gold plating. The Titan Series has patented Star Corner Bolts and multi gear drive. The safes come with dehumidifier and door racks. Options such as electronic lock and door rack holsters are also available in the Titan Series.
The Executive Series
The main features of the Executive Series are the rack and pinion gear drive locking system and fire protection of 90 minutes at 1680°F. The 4 stage high luster with metallic finishing gives the safes an executive appearance. The star corner bolts are specially designed to induce amplified safety to the gun safes. These Fort Knox gun safes come with a steel uni-body and ball bearing hinges. Drill stop hard plate with multi bearing and dehumidifier are provided in the options. Other features which can be integrated to the safes are wildlife preproduction, light package, and electronic locking mechanism.
The Guardian Series
The Guardian Series provides fire protection of 90 minute at 1680°F and quadra-fold door frame with recessed door. A 5-spoke prong handle comes with chrome or gold options. The exterior is described as high luster with acrylic urethane metallic finish, exuding a handsome appearance. The key lock dial is tested to be spy-proof while the drill stop hard plates prevent any kind of forceful intrusion. These Fort Knox gun safes are known for having the “Strongest Door in the Industry”. The Guardian Series comes with lifetime warranty and other options for dehumidifier, stainless steel body, holster, handle upgrade, and electronic lock are also available. All Guardian safes have a carpeted interior and the patented FOIL mechanical back-up re-locking system.
The Protector Series
The Protector Series provides the best security against burglary with the Fort Knox patented FOIL mechanical back up locking system. Fire protection is rated at 1680°F for 90 minutes. There’s also a remote re-locker to enable remote control of the system. A special feature of the Protector Series is the placement of the door which enables superior locking.
Defender Series
The Defender Series provides a durable granite finish which offers protection against scratches, nicks, and dings. These Fort Knox safes have an attractive appearance. Most of the features resemble the features from other series. The great thing about the Defender Series is that the safes are competitively priced in comparison to other series. Buyers can have customized design and features integrated in these gun safes.

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