Hunting and Gun Safety – Know the Laws!

Hunting pre-dates recorded time and even the existence of Homo sapiens. Carnivorous animals would hunt herbivores. When the Homo genus emerged, it wasn’t long before they harnessed stone tools and fire which became the key to hunting enough animals to keep tribes fed. Hunting in North America is traced back to the Native Americans. Certain religions in the Native American culture involved ritualistic animal sacrifice that was directly related to their hunting traditions. In the United States, Native Americans are still exempt from certain hunting laws.Every year, hunters are injured and some are even killed while shooting for sport. There is no way to assure 100% safety when toting guns through the animal-laden wilderness. However, there are several precautions that should be taken before packing up the truck. Here are the top ten hunting safety tips.Hunting is not the only time when a person might carry a gun. Perhaps you’re visiting the shooting range to practice your aim. Even when you’re not hunting, there are several rules to consider when handling a firearm of any sort. The following are the top five gun safety tips.