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No matter what you think about the American gun culture and politics, if you own a gun it is very critical that your gun be safely stored when it is not being used for security or shooting practice. By doing this the possibilities of gun theft, mishandling and accidental discharge would be reduced. Many children have fallen victims of accidental injury as a result of guns lying around the house instead of them being stored in a gun safe. The most popular gun safe is the Stack-On gun safe. It comes with a lot of great features hence the reason for its popularity. These are as follows: they are fire-resistant and waterproof, they have combination locks, they are less expensive than other models, some models of it are convertible and would not need screws to attach them to the wall.In some states in the US, it is a crime to own a gun without a gun safe. They are great for protecting your guns from natural disasters and theft. They are also an important safety precaution against the misuse of the guns. A gun safe will keep your loved ones and your children from playing with your guns while saving you the associated dangers. A gun safe is indeed very critical for all gun owners.Stack-On gun safes are manufactured by the Stack-On Product Company, a brand that had been in business since 1972 producing storage system tools. Now, you may be wondering, why one would buy a gun safe from a company that manufactures tool storage systems? They view their guns as if they were just another form of tool. And really when you think about it you will understand that guns are a kind of tool, they are actually more powerful versions of the earlier hunting tools: looking at a gun like a tool you will also realize that it should be stored like one and that is Stack-On’s philosophy.The Stack-On gun safes come in different models and one of the most popular model is the Vault and Safe TDS-528. This one has a 28 gun storage capacity and comes with a 3 digit combination lock. This makes the chances of a criminal figuring out the combo very remote it also has a steel plate on the lock which further protects the gun.Another popular safe is the Stack-On ELITE 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe and this one has very high ratings in many categories. It is very secure, it is virtually impenetrable to fire (as the name suggests), and it keeps the gun well stored with a padded interior. So gun owners wouldn’t need to bother about the guns getting scratched or getting dinged up inside the safe.Since the essence of buying a gun safe or safes for that matter is for security every gun safe that’s worth a mention will be judged based on its security features. The Stack-On gun safes live up to the expectation in security features. You are presented with a choice of a rotary combination lock and an electronic keypad and at the back of the lock, the minimum 1 inch steel plate is sufficient to stand against drill attacks. Generally it would be a very herculean task for any thief to drill or pry open a Stack-On gun safe.The Gun safes from other competitors may not offer water and fire resistant features as these will add to the production cost, hence their price tag. The Stack-On Gun Safes come with this features, and for the Elite and Total defense models you are assured of fire protection for about 30 minutes and at 1400-degree heat.If fire protection is not your key concern but water, the Stack-On gun Safes also offer protection for this. It is one of the great features that has made Stack-On Gun safes to stand head and shoulders above the rest in the industry. For the Elite model it can stand submersion in 2 feet high water up to a maximum 72 hours. There by giving enough time to rescue the gun from getting waterlogged.Generally gun safes prices are in the range of $100 to $5,000 and the Stack-On Gun Safes fall in the middle range at about an average price of $800. Most dealers sell their safes around that price range. There is also Stack-On gun safes that sell for about $1000 which is still acceptable considering that it is feature packed. It is also worthy to note that there are gun safes from other manufacturers that are more expensive than Stack-On gun safes yet the features are in no way a match for Stack-On safes.Finally if you are looking for a gun safe that will deliver on its promise and provide value for your money. Then you should consider Stack-On Gun safes. With this you are assured of protecting you gun from the curious fingers of your children, thieves and the natural elements of water and fire, while also obeying the law if you are from a state where it is illegal to own a gun without it. A Stack-On safe is really worth it as you will soon realize.To learn more about Stack-On Gun Safes Consult the following link: