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Best Gun Safe: Gun Safe Ratings, Gun Safe Comparison and Reviews

With so many options available these days, it can be difficult for gun owners to choose the best gun safe. A gun safe suitable for one gun owner may not be the best choice for another, because different people have different needs and preferences. To ensure that they will make the right choice, gun owners have to take certain things into consideration such as: gun safe ratings, gun safe reviews and comparisons.

The main purpose of a gun safe is to keep guns inaccessible to children and burglars. As such, it should be impregnable against physical force and prying or cutting tools. Gun owners should make sure the safes they purchase have walls and a door that are thick enough. In urban homes, a gun safe made of 12 gauge steel should be good enough, but those who are staying rural homes will need steel thickness at least 3/16 inch. Burglars usually have more time to work on safes in rural areas, and they do not have to worry much about alerting the neighbors. Also, gun owners have to look for gun safes that have lock bolts on both sides of the door. Some safes only have bolts on the outside, and thieves can open them by cutting the exterior hinges.

Another important aspect of a gun safe is the locking system. Presently, there are a number of locking systems that are being used in gun safes, and these include key lock, combination dial, electronic password, quick access, and biometric. All these locking systems can provide good security, but not all of them allow gun owners to gain quick access to their guns. Those who wish to get reliable security and convenient access should opt for safes with electronic password, quick access, or biometric lock systems. Some of the additional features that gun safe buyers should look for are recessed door, drill defectors, and hidden hinges.

There are many reliable manufacturers of gun safes, and most of their products offer great security and convenience. Here are some gun safe reviews from some of the best gun safe manufacturers.
Gun Vault
Gun Vault is known as the leading manufacturer of quick access gun safes, and it offers safes that feature high-strength materials and advanced security systems. Its patented No-Eyes keypad and biometric systems enable users to gain access to their guns in just a few seconds, even in the dark. Gun Vault’s products include handgun safes, rifle safes, wall safes, fireproof safes, gun locks, and others.

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Gun owners who need excellent protection against burglary and fire attacks should opt for Winchester safes. Winchester had recently increased the UL burglary ratings and fire ratings on all its models to give gun owners better security and peace of mind. All safes by this manufacturer feature a classic Old West design, which make them a suitable addition to most homes.

Stack-On is committed to offering affordable and reliable safes for gun owners. Other than providing protection against fire and theft, the company’s safes are also water-resistant. They also come with special features such as convertible shelving and lights. Stack-On produces handgun safes, large gun safes, and gun cabinets.

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