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Sentry Safes: Sentry Gun Safe, Sentry Fire Safe

Sentry safes are some of the most respected and sought after safes in the world. The brand name Sentry symbolizes quality and security. Sentry first began in 1930, when John Brush and his brother-in-law opened up a small metal safe shop in Rochester, New York. The two were pioneers in metal stamping safes, and their business quickly grew. By the 1960s, the Sentry Company had moved into a large manufacturing warehouse in Rochester, and was producing safes for people all over the country. They produce fire resistant chests, gun safes, filing cabinets, and even storage containers. Today, they have expanded across the globe into countries including: Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China. Today, the name Sentry stands out among safe manufacturers, and is synonymous with high quality and world class protection and security.

You just never know when your home or private property is at possible risk for burglary, fire, or flood. Luckily, Sentry makes a wide variety of different shapes and sizes of safes to contain all of your most precious items so that they can resist these risks. There are five basic characteristics of every Sentry safe product. All products provide the highest in security to protect your valuables from theft or destruction. Whether it is a gun, computer, jewelry, paperwork, or other precious valuables, Sentry guarantees that your items will be secured while inside one of their safes. The second characteristic is fire resistance. In most cases, Sentry safes can withstand most common house fires, leaving your valuables intact. This gives you peace of mind in the event of a catastrophic loss. The third characteristic is that some Sentry products are waterproof. They are sealed to be watertight, protecting items from water or moisture related damage.

The fourth characteristic of Sentry items is that they can provide digital media storage and protection. The fifth characteristic is that they can also provide firearm storage and protection. While these last two characteristics are not related exclusively, they can be intertwined or connected if the customer wishes. In other words, their safes can house guns, electronics, and other valuables all in one if so chosen. The company now provides data protection as well, and has recently begun developing and producing computer hard drives that are fully protected from water, fire, and other forms of destruction. It is clear that Sentry is a company that wants to continue to be a cut above the rest. Their gun safes are unsurpassed in quality, protection, and security. Most homeowners say they would choose a Sentry gun safe over any other gun safe manufacturer. This is because Sentry makes the most durable, strong, and secure gun safes available on the market today. They come with a three number combination lock, or an LED lock, and all of their products have a one year warranty.

Items such as your birth certificate, social security card, memorabilia, and other delicate yet priceless things should be protected from not only theft, but other forms of damage. That’s why Sentry makes fire safes designed to keep valuables from withstanding damage due to fire. In fact, the Sentry company was the first company to market a fire resistant safe. The first UL classified fire resistant safe was manufactured by Sentry in 1955. Today, they continue to develop new technology in the field of fire resistance, and sell some of the highest quality safes on the market today. Quality is what makes a Sentry fire safe stand out above the crowd, and it’s what gives them repeat customers who are looking for new ways to protect their valuables from damage or theft. These safes are tested against the most rigorous standards, and are put to the test before being put on the production line. This way, customers know they are getting the safest, most durable and dependable safe available to them today.

Statistics show that Americans need the assistance of the fire department every nineteen seconds, and that there are about two million home invasions or burglaries that occur every year. In addition, floods are the most common type of natural disaster that occurs in the United States, It is also the most common claim on homeowner’s insurance policies, which means your valuables could be at risk. Putting your mind at ease knowing you have a Sentry safe is a great way to make sure your valuables are protected. Having this peace of mind is absolutely invaluable, and worth every penny. A good gun safe, electronic device safe, and even a computer hard drive safe are all good investments. Making sure they are part of the Sentry family is an even better way to ensure they stay protected from harm. For more information about Sentry and their line of safes, you may refer to the websites below.

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