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Personal home safes are getting more popular because people are becoming more protective of their personal valuables. Personal safes offer security not only for valuables such as jewelry or important documents, but also for potentially dangerous objects: guns. The security from personal safes comes from solid steel, live-action locking bolts, and steel doors that are pry-resistant. Here are some personal safe reviews fthat include some of the most popular available to consumers:The Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock is one of the most popular personal home safes that people can purchase. It is a versatile personal safe because homeowners are able to place both valuables such as jewelry as well as potentially dangerous valuables namely guns. It is popular because increased security is provided courtesy of its concealed hinges and its two, live-action, steel-locking bolts. If thieves are a worry for homeowners, they should consider this personal safe for the utmost in tight, lock-up security.The SentrySafe 1170 is primarily a personal safe for the purpose of keeping important documents and papers guarded. It is fire-proof, comes with letter-size hanging files, and is insulated, which combine to give homeowners peace of mind in case a fire does occur. This safe has been fire-tested so that consumers can be assured that their files, DVDs, and CDs will be protected for up to half an hour in fire as hot as 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. The SentrySafe 1170 also comes with a privacy key lock so that only the owner has access to it.The First Alert 2092DF Waterproof Fire Safe with Digital Lock is a pricier personal safe, but for that, it comes with more features. This personal safe is not only fire-proof, but also water-proof, and customers are able to protect more valuables in its 1.31 cubic foot interior space. This personal safe also features extra security with four, live-door bolts and concealed hinges that are pry-resistant. All these features add up to performance that guarantees to protect valuables for up to one hour, even in fire as hot as 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.This personal safe by Neiko is a compact and portable unit that is ideal for homeowners because of its locking system. Homeowners need no keys; all they need is a personal code that is easily programmable on the unit itself. An appealing feature of this personal safe is its concealed, anchoring design that allows people to secure it to either the wall or the floor discreetly, with no observable bolts. For peace of mind, this personal safe also features tamper-proof design that ensures no forced entry.Sky’s new electronic digital safe is a personal safe that is made to store your guns, jewelry, documentation, and even cash. It also provides homeowners with the power of choice: They can either choose to use a key to unlock this personal safe, or they can opt for the PIN Code as a way of opening it, which is more hassle-free. Its hinges are tamper-proof, which means increased security for all the valuables placed inside. Sky’s personal safe also comes with sturdy construction that features a 1/8-inch thick, solid steel frame.The SentrySafe DS3410 Black Fire-Safe 1.2-Cubic Foot Combination Safe is a personal safe that provides homeowners with a defense against both theft and fire. This is a more expensive safe, so it features smart and practical features like a multi-directional shelf that is also removable. This feature allows homeowners to stack any valuables in an orderly fashion, avoiding any jumbling or consequential damage. Its commitment to security is unmatched with its live-locking bolts, one-hour protection in 1700 degree Fahrenheit fire, and three-number combination lock.Personal home safes are a growing trend for homeowners who do not want to take chances with burglaries or fires. The aforementioned personal safe reviews should give you a decent idea of what some of the more popular safes in the marketplace are. They come in a good range of differing prices that provide an option for every consumer. Here is a list of links to additional resources on personal safes: