Fireproof Gun Safe

Find a Fireproof Gun Safe and Fire Resistant Gun Safe

Gun safes are appropriately designed stores for keeping rifles and guns. The safe provides safety to arms against burglary and physical damages. These fire safes are designed differently to provide space to store pistols, shotguns, and rifles. The safe can either be designed as chest cabin or cabinet. The chest cabins offer extremely good protection against fire but they are not so good against burglary.

The most famous types of gun cabinets are wooden gun cabinet; this is the classic design of gun cabinets. These safes are not considered very “safe” against fire accidents. Some gun cabinets come with burglary proof feature, but it is equally important to protect against fire hazards and damage. Fireproof gun safes usually have a heavy metallic body to help them hold up against heat in a fire.

The design of most modern fireproof gun safes is a simple cubical box specifically designed safety structure. Some safes have digital locks and metallic hardware for more secure locking. These modern safes are available in a number of colors and designs. One of the latest models is called the modular safe, which can be assembled when needed but the system does not allow for disassembling from the outside.

Grades are allocated for fireproof safes. A good fireproof safe should not melt when it comes into contact with heat for a long duration. The rating is based on the duration of time in which the fireproof safe withstands continuous high temperatures. There are many varieties of fireproof gun safes that can provide safety for more than two hours against fire. The top rated safes can provide safety at temperature more than 2000°F for more than two hours.

Some features of a top rate shelf include the fire resistant safe not being damaged by smoke or water. Moreover, the safe should not allow the external heat to affect the guns kept in the safe so the guns are totally protected. The temperature inside the safe should not go beyond 300°F when it is exposed to extreme heat. In top quality fireproof safes, most of the metallic parts of the safe expand on coming into contact with heat, without damaging the guns. Therefore, a buyer should search for a safe that can keep the guns intact even when the metal expands.

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