Honeywell Safes

Great Honeywell Safes and Honeywell Gun Safe

Great Honeywell safes are not only attractive; they also provide excellent protection against fire, water, and burglary. Honeywell gun safes rank high in the gun safe market while other Honeywell security products are well-regarded for use in the home and office. A Honeywell gun safe uses the live locking bolt system, providing protection against fire and water. Firearms and valuables can be stored in a Honeywell gun safe.
Honeywell is one of the biggest diversified technology companies in the world. More than 30 years ago, SISCO was a leading producer of security products, unfortunately. its market was limited to the United States. Then, SISCO joined the Honeywell family with the aim to produce the best home and office security safes. After entering the partnership, SISCO was able to make its mark beyond the United States. In this relationship, SISCO is the exclusive producer and distributor of Honeywell safes around the world. Currently, SISCO has grown to become a global company and Honeywell safes are well-known all throughout the world.
Honeywell Safes
Honeywell safes are known for their high standards and innovative designs. Each Honeywell safe is made with high quality materials. The various models of Honeywell safes are: Moulded Fire and Water Chests, Anti-theft Safes, Waterproof Fire Safes, Cash and Security Boxes, 1-2 hour Steel Fire Safes, and Gun Safes. The gun safes are available in various designs and they come with a wide selection of locking and security options. Various types of safe key locks, combination locks, and digital locks are available in the safes.
Small Safes
Honeywell launched a number of small safes with features to meet the safety requirements of small businesses and homes. These Honeywell safes are capable of storing fourteen to eighteen guns of different dimensions. Extra space is provided to keep valuables at the base of the safe. Honeywell home safes also offer space to keep valuables and guns. The adjustable interiors and removable shelves can be arranged to keep guns.
Gun Safes
The Honeywell 6720 has a lever lock and it can store up to 10 guns on the rack. The model comes with a 6 mm recessed door which prevents the door from being pried with a crowbar. The Honeywell 6742D has some of the best features. It has optional override attachment which comes with 5-inch locking bolts. The security system of the safe is sophisticated so it’s extremely difficult to break into the safe. This Honeywell safe has space for storing 12 guns. A locking ammunition box and mesh accessory box are also provided in the safe.
Other Safes
The Honeywell Model 5101 Steel provides 0.31 cubic feet space. It comes with a programmable digital lock system. This model possesses a powerful bolt down mechanism to enhance safety. The Honeywell Model 5113 Steel Security Safe has programmable digital entry options, LED readout, recessed door, motorized door lock, and rear panel for additional safety against theft. The Honeywell Model 5105 Low Profile Steel Security Laptop Safe has motorized door lock, conceals hinges, LED readout, and recessed door option to facilitate ease of use. The Honeywell Model 5107 Steel Security Safe almost resembles the 5113 and 5105 with the only difference being that it offers a larger space of 2.66 cubic feet for storage.
Executive Safe Key Lock
This Honeywell safe has three live bolts, concealed hinges, and 3 mm recessed doors. It provides high level security against theft with the four-way key lock. Rubber floor mat and adjustable shelf are also provided with the safe. Five year warranty and lifetime after fire replacement is offered with the safe.
Executive Safe Combination Lock
The safe comes with five live bolts and 6 mm recessed door. There are concealed hinges which provide safety against burglary and a space of 212.4 liters is provided for keeping guns. The walls are insulated to prevent damage caused by fire on the guns and a special system is provided to enable the door to open easily.
Executive Gun Safe Brushed Aluminum
The Executive Gun Safe Brushed Aluminum comes with digital lock options. This Honeywell safe has brushed aluminum front door panel which protects the safe from scratches. It has a programmable digital keypad, spindle handle, solid steel construction, and black powder coated external body. The locking bolt is 25 mm in diameter and the walls have insulation against fire. The storage space is 201.1 liters and there are two adjustable shelves in the safe which can be adjusted to store guns. A key lock ammunition box is provided inside the safe.

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