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Best Mosler Safe and Mosler Gun Safe

Mosler produces some of the biggest and heaviest safes in the market. A Mosler safe is famous for its meticulousness and strength. Mosler has made its name at most of the leading old banks and organizations, building a spectacular record. Mossler has installed safes in the United States Gold Reserve in Kentucky and Hiroshima’s Mitsui Bank where it amazingly survived the World War II nuclear attack!
The Mosler Safe Company has been manufacturing security equipment, including safes and bank vaults since 1867. It was founded by Gustave Mosler in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1891, the company was relocated to Hamilton, Ohio. The company was family-run until 1967, when it was sold to American Standard Companies. The U.S. Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence, are stored and displayed in a Mosler vault. The company also designed and manufactured a massive 138-ton vault at the Atomic Energy Commission’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Safes by Mosler
Mosler has a range of safety products. It offers many designs and features for various needs. A series of safes are provided for businesses, banks, hotels, jewelers, hunters, military personnel, and homes. Mosler is also a leader in luxury and customized safes. The Mosler bank safes include depository safes, safe deposit boxes, modular strong room, vault doors, banknote counter machines, and high security safes.

The high security safes are offered in a range of models such as Protector, Strong, Thesaurus, Megavault, Diamond Core, Fortress, Super Treasury, and Super Platinum. There are many sizes for the highly secure models provided by Mosler. Each Mosler gun safe comes with enough space and shelves to store guns. These safes can be used in houses and small offices to store valuables and documents. The gun safe models specifically designed for storing ammunition are GSA Rated Weapon Containers.
Mosler offers a range of GSA Rated Containers and gun safes, which include a number of features. The safe comes with Class 5 security with a number of shelves and drawers. The owner can program the self-powered digital lock; it can be programmed into single, two combination or both locks. The two combinations may be needed to open the locker and the second combination can be modified any number of times.

The safes are designed to provide burglary resistance of the highest order, fire resistance for more than 2 hours at 1850°F. In the event of a fire, internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350°F. The safe is built with high quality materials and many layers of steel are used to improve the security of the gun safes. The safes are priced competitively so they are highly affordable for homes and businesses. The outer door is built with more than 5 inches of steel plates that are electrically wielded to make a thick cast. The CS 650 Monolithic Anti Penetration Composite material is used for the door. The bodies of the safes are made of composite material with advanced 3-inch thick Monolithic anti-penetration composite material. The bolts are made of alloy metal and security is enhanced with the bolt plus double lock. Glass plate protection is provided on the locks. If the glass is broken, the system will activate a double relocking mechanism that will cross lock the bolt.
Weight of Mosler Safes
The safes are large and have adjustable shelves with custom interior lockers. The small sized safe MSPR181412 has one shelf and weighs 390 kg. IN contract, the safe model MSPR723626 has 7 shelves and weighs 2,300 kg. Mosler Red label Map and Plan Class 5 GSA Security containers are designed to provide security to valuables and guns. The new labels of Mosler are designed in red and old Mosler has black labels and the Mosler logo.
Mosler GSA Rated Weapon Container Gun Safe
The professional Mosler gun safe lockers provide space for 22 guns with shelves to keep ammunitions. The cabinet holds the GSA Class 5 security rating and comes with a digital lock that can be programmed by the user. It provides three combinations for locking, namely, single, two combinations, and both systems. This Mosler safe is used in a number of military organizations and police organizations across the world. The weapon containers are specially designed for heavy arms and ammunition, providing far better security compared to the home based gun lockers and gun safes.

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